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Hello & Welcome to Candidly Candice!

I'm Candice Cook

I started this lifestyle blog to share all things fashion, skincare, and the general everyday “mom” experience with others. I feel it’s important for moms to have a strong support system and a place to go to check your sanity and be reminded, THIS SHIT IS HARD, and YOU’VE GOT THIS! If I can help one struggling mom on the verge of a mental breakdown, whether its “checking out” for a few minutes and reading about fashion or makeup, to confirming that my kids are just as much assholes as yours, then, I consider this a success!

Based about 30 miles north of “hip and cool” in Round Rock, Texas, I live with my husband, Jody, two daughters, Kylie, 5 and Kennedy, 2, and dog Cash.  Born and raised just outside of Dallas, I have over 20 years of competitve and technical dance training, and have performed and taught professionally across the tri-state area.  I reloacted to Austin in the summer of 2012 where I continued work as a Wedding and Event Planner until I became pregnant during the summer of 2013.  Kylie Jo arrived on February 26, 2014 and was followed not too far by Kennedy James on September 3, 2017.  Together for ten years, Jody and I married in a private beach ceremony in St. Lucia in August of 2016.

I am self-proiclaimed Bravo super-fan and love all thing Real Housewives and Radio Andy.  I own an obscene amount of tennis shoes (for someone who has never stepped foot in a gym in her whole life), and nothing makes me happier than a perfectly fitted pair of jeans, and a designer handbag.

Life is beyond crazy, and on most days I have no idea if I’m coming or going, but we are THRIVING, (or so we have ourselves fooled)! I spend the majority of my day changing clothes and getting ready for absolutely nothing.  Join me won’t you??

About Me

About Me

Candice Cook

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